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Dear Ricefield Collective supporters,

With a significant amount of sadness and ambivalence, we’ve decided to suspend our online selling operations and put Ricefield Collective on hiatus as of September 8, 2014.

Our goal since we began of March of 2012 has been to create a fully sustainable organization, and our year and a half of full-time operation since then has been a tremendously educational but also humbling experience. Among the people who’ve been working on the project, there has been a sense that we need more members of our team with greater knowledge to be able to continue.

We’ve been spending the past few months trying to find solutions for more effective ways of performing and distributing our work. Unfortunately, this period also coincides with other important goals for our core team, me in my comparative literature PhD studies, and Anna our design director in her professional design. We’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that our personal resources can no longer sustain the work of Ricefield, and have decided to go on a hiatus until we can gather enough resources to be able to more fully support the project.

We pledge to continue looking for solutions to the problems of rural sustainability in Ifugao, and to work for the general good of people who wish to stay on their ancestral land. Thank you so much for believing in us, and for giving us the room to pursue our goals, as idealistic as they may be. We hope to be able to continue our work with greater energy within the next few years.

With enormous gratitude,

Meredith Ramirez Talusan
Director, Ricefield Collective